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By | July 3, 2016

Talk about what we are thankful for. Thankfulness Gratitude Lesson Plan: “I’m Thankful For? are my family. Grandma hugged Logan tightly as the tears of joy fell upon her cheeks, “And we’re thankful for you.” Then looking

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Long Term Planning Foundation Stage (Reception)2015/2016 Implicit in all subjects is the expectation that ‘all children achieve EYFS national standards and beyond’.

Amazing Me! Medium Term Overview Chn to bring in photos for Family Tree activity. EYFS Baseline Data to be inputted. PSED Circle Time games; Finding names My Family RE Learn our school prayers and how to make the sign of the cross.

Writing – My Family Draw a picture of yourself and label your body parts – use mark making, letters/words. Create a family tree – talk about who is in your family. Look at different families around the world – where do they live?

EYFS Medium Term Plan . FAMILIES and FRIENDS – Autumn 2014 . Areas of Learning PERSONAL, SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Linked to Golden Rules – families – owl tree, who is in my family (talking homework) – sheet of owls (Jan)

A family tree EYFS, L: Writing: n 40-60+ months: Writes own name and other things such as labels, captions. EYFS, UW: People and communities: n ELG: Children talk about past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of family members.

Hollycombe Primary School ETFS/KS1 Curriculum Overview Cycle A My Family Tree Science- health, care and body parts ( including pets) ICT- camera

EYFS LONG TERM PLAN This plan only shows possibilities linked to topics. Me and my body Me and my family tree The human body Topsy and Tim books about: School, police, fire service Percy the park keeper Non-fiction: People who help us

Initially in the EYFS stage, learning is centred on three key concepts as per the DfE guidance For instance, the children might explore whos in my family, or who helps us? The children are encouraged to use the language of discovery and reflect on what

Progress in Learning 32 Oracy Reading Writing Language, Literacy and Communication Skills 38 across the curriculum Useful information and contacts 40

Hurst Primary School EYFS Curriculum Information for Parents Week Commencing: 28.09.15 Topic for F2 Classes: Marvellous Me – Who is in my family?

Gathering – EYFS. NURSERY FOCUS WEEK 1: The Parish family gathering for Mass. Talk about what is happening on pages 6-7 of Church’s Story 2, how the parish family Children to decorate them and hang them on the Lenten tree. Add ribbons and re-name it the ‘Easter Tree

Family Information Services (FIS) are available in each local authority in Wales and provide information and advice on a range of topics including childcare wish to further my career within my company and in early years and childcare.