Make A Tudor Family Tree

By | July 3, 2016

Lancaster & Tudor in Spring 1464 TUDOR LANCASTER YORK Edmund Duke of York 1341–1402 m m m Isabelle of Castille m m m m EDWARD III 1312–1377 Blanche of Lancaster to make sure her father does not play false? Isabel Neville HENRY VI Anne Neville Prince Edward m Margaret d’Anjou m

Henry VIII’s Family Tree Catherine of Aragon Anne of Cleves Jane Seymour Phillip II of Spain James IV Parr Mary of Guise Mary Queen of Scots Francois II, King of France James Hepburn, 4th Lord Bothwell M HOUSE OF STUART HOUSE OF TUDOR Henry Frances Eleanor 1515-1558 (Bloody Mary) 1501/1507

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The Tudors A Year 4 Autumn Term Click here to visit the Nettlesworth website to find out about Henry VII Explore the Tudor Family Tree & time line. Click here to see the family tree that followed the War of the Roses Why did Henry Vlll marry six times?

Year 5 – Finding out about History through Flotsam – Homework Activities. Try to do one activity each week. There are lots of ideas Research the Tudor Royal Family and draw a Tudor Family Tree. Who was the first and last monarch in the Tudor period?

SUPPORT MATERIAL FOR A VISIT TO TUDOR WORLD History KS1&2: Unit7 (Year 3/4) learning experiences, help us to make sense of the world around us by making links between feelings and learning. The Tudor family tree

*He was the first tudor. *He had 7 children – 4 survived past infancy. Henry V111 (1509-1547) *He was married 6 times. *He had 3 children that Tudor Family Tree Match the pictures and information and make a Tudor Family Tree . Title:

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SUPPORT MATERIAL FOR A VISIT TO TUDOR WORLD History KS1& The Tudors: 2 help us to make into where the poor family live. Find out more about how Tudor houses were built. TUDOR POOR A poor Tudor’s home TRANSPORT

Home Fire Escape Plan Use the space below to create your home fire escape plan. Memorize your fire department’s • Pick a family meeting place outside where everyone can meet. • Remember, practice your plan at least twice a year!

THE WAR OF THE ROSES (Follow the names using the family tree on the next page.) The Tudor Family Tree Edward III Edward The Black Prince Lionel ( Duke of Clarence) William (No Issue) Edmund (Duke of York) John of Gaunt

Y3-4 TOPIC WEB, TERMS 1-2, 2013-14 and create Tudor and self-portraits. They will build skills in making good use of shade and tone, and will look at the detail, Family Tree Day, 6th September -Our introduction to the topic. Who

Westcott Primary School – Theme Overview Year: 3 and 4 Theme: Terrible Tudors Literacy: Create a timeline of the Tudor period. Find out who the Tudors were – make a family tree.

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Year 3 – create a comic using ‘comic life’. Year 4 Investigate the Tudor family Tree. Henry VIII and his 6 wives. Who were they? Who died, was beheaded and survived? What was life like during Tudor times? What was the difference between the lives of the rich and the poor?