Family Tree Romeo And Juliet

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Setting the Scene: Adapting Romeo and Juliet to the 21st Century Erika Barker Trinity University Computer lab OR magazines: In groups, students create dual family tree of Montagues and Capulets using celebrity photos. Students will create a

Th Tr g d of R m o a dThee ~ Traageedyy mof rRoomeeo annd JJuulliieett ~ Thhee VVeerroonnaa FFaamiillyy TTreeee Juliet Lord Capulet Lady Capulet Nurse Tybalt Paris Gregory Sampson Peter name: e: Place these characters: Romeo Lord Montague Lady Montague Friar Lawrence Benvolio Mercutio

Group Review of The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet DIRECTIONS: In your small group, you will have 30 seconds to •Family Tree. Match each of the following characters to one the families: • Montagues, Capulets, or Prince Escalus.

Romeo and Juliet Grade Level: High School Freshmen Created By: Create your own family tree. The more detail you give, the better Create a review game of Romeo and Juliet Super Square Jeopardy Clicker Hollywood Squares

Romeo and Juliet Character map House of Montague ue House of Capulet a let Daughter Juliet Lad Ca let Nephew Tybalt nta e Lad Monta Son of Cousins

Of Romeo & Juliet was especially created for English National Ballet At the first touch of their hands, Romeo and Juliet fall in love. Romeo is recognised and Tybalt tries to throw him out Create a Montague and Capulet family tree. “Come, nurse. I’ll to my wedding bed, And death

Romeo and Juliet Final Exam Study Guide (Sutton 2014) wanting only a “good marriage” to increase the family’s wealth and reputation? You will need to fill in a family tree for both houses. Include all main characters,

Trimming the Family Tree When a director has a small cast to play a large number of characters, characters, or will he eliminate some characters altogether? In DTC’s production of Romeo and Juliet, director Joel Ferrell decided to eliminate characters. A lot of characters.

7. The Family Look at the family tree of the Montague and Capulet families. Now complete the sentences using the information above. Use the possesive s in each sentence. 1. Tybalt Juliet Romeo Lady Capulet’s daughter. IPA P A This

Of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet that will be used to create the extensive game tree model. revenge his best friend which clearly makes his friends and family only second to Juliet, extensive game tree,

Anderson, BYU, 2002 Unit Plan Romeo and Juliet Theme(s) Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation Shakespearean

William Shakespeare – Author Notes Textbook Romeo and Juliet . 1. most famous writer in world . 2. born (christened) FAMILY TREE of characters . MONTAGUES. Lord (Mr.) Romeo and Juliet

Family Capulet Family The City of Verona r r t t s s n n d r s s Key Characters: Romeo Balthasar Key Characters: Juliet Lord Capulet Lady Capulet Tybalt Paris Nurse Peter Gregory Sampson Romeo Juliet Prince Escalus © DeMiero. Title: R&J Family Tree

( For example, after Romeo talks to Friar Laurence but before the actual marriage ceremony, how is Friar Laurence feeling?) Design/find Shakespeare’s family tree. Romeo and Juliet Project Guidelines

Romeo & Juliet Final Project Portfolio. Welcome to your final project. Romeo and Juliet ABC Book 4 Character List: My portfolio includes a creatively-displayed list of all characters (like a family tree).

RAFTs . For additional information and examples, RAFT: Romeo & Juliet What you need to know about teenagers Parents Advice everywhere Romeo The sad story of Satire Unrest Family Tree How we’re related You are the reason I exist

Romeo and Juliet Character map House of Montague ue House of Capulet a let Daughter Juliet Lad Ca let Nephew Tybalt nta e Lad Monta Son of Cousins

THE AMERICAN SHAKESPEARE CENTER ROMEO AND JULIET Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 10am Romeo and Juliet . Although Shakespeare’s family tree ended, his plays continue to carry his memory,

Juliet. Romeo considers Tybalt to be part of his family (through marriage); Capulet and Juliet argue, family relationships are broken. Title: CA100 Author: Brandon C. Heuyard Last modified by: Brandon C. Heuyard Created Date: 5/13/2010 1:14:00 PM Company: School District of Lancaster

ROMEO & JULIET’S FAMILY TREE. Study Guide for Romeo & Juliet. Prologue to Act 1. Two households, both alike in dignity. In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny. Friar marries Romeo and Juliet. Romeo & Juliet.