Diy Family Survival Kit

By | August 30, 2016

Survival Po P ular Mechanics Checklist car Local maps and road atlas Writing supplies Pencils, pens, notebook Food E.g., dried fruit, snacks, cookies 2 gal. of bottled water Mess kit Paper cups, plates, utensils Compact sleeping bag or blankets Sanitation supplies Toilet paper, moist towelettes

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Title: Free Printable: Zombie Apocalypse Kit Label from Subject: Free Printable: Zombie Apocalypse Kit Label from

72-Hour Kit Checklist You should prepare a portable kit for each member of your family. Consider preparing one for your place of work as well as one for children to keep at

Determine how much of each item your family needs per month or per year. Based upon the Disaster supplies kit items should be stored in a portable container(s) near, General – General Supplies.doc

kit. Suggesteditemstohelpmeet additionalneedsare: •Medicalsupplies family,householdandneighborsand encouragethemtobeinformed. EmergencyContactCardsforAll HouseholdMembers Be Red Cross Ready Getakit.Makeaplan.Beinformed.

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Emergency Supply List Additional Items to Consider Adding to an Emergency Supply Kit: q Prescription medications and glasses Infant formula and diapers

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EMERGENCY KITS To prepare your family for an emergency, assemble one or more emergency kits that include enough supplies for at least three days.

SURVIVAL GROCERY LIST We take the grocery store for granted. For very basic survival, we would recommend that you have your water purifier, cooking family, every person who is prepared decreases the pressure on others.

Disaster Preparedness Kit Supply List There are six basics you should stock in your home: water, food, first aid supplies, clothing and bedding,

Iv Emergency Preparedness Manual Preface We strongly encourage all families to regularly study and review in their Family Home Evenings the information contained in this manual.

Winter Weather Preparedness Guide. 1 Create a Family Emergency Supply Kit. See box below for important items for your kit. • Prepare a Winter Storm Survival Kit and carry it in your vehicle. A kit is important even for short trips.

It’s also critical to determine school and workplace plans so you know how to best communicate with family members who may be in school or at work when an emergency hits. BASIC FAMILY SURVIVAL KIT CHECKLIST Water. One gallon per person, per day Food.

Ideas with your family, then prepare an emergency plan. Post the plan where every- Supplies Kit Assemble supplies you might need in an Emergency Preparedness Checklist Call Your Emergency Management Office or American Red Cross Chapter C M Y CM MY CY CMY K

Determine how much of each item your family needs per month or per year. Based upon the Disaster supplies kit items should be stored in a portable container(s) near, General – General Supplies.doc

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Recommended BOB (Bug Out Bag) Contents FOOD & WATER – 3 to 10 days of lightweight food – At least 2 days of water – basic survival kit FIRST AID & MEDICAL – basic first aid kit – blister cream and moleskin – NP95 disposable masks – latex exam gloves